Suraj Parmar

Toronto, Canada



Hi, I am Suraj Parmar, currently working as a Machine Learning Engineer at a healthcare start-up in Toronto.

I have worked on various projects involving statistical and deep learning forecasting and classification models. Building and deploying efficient Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) pipelines in completely offline environments.

Apart from that, I have been researching on the Numerai datasets for financial data. My main focus right now is Transformers on cross-sectional asset prediction involving self-supervised learning. Can read more about it on my blog.

My master's thesis was on the topic of "Utilizing Deep Learning for Enhancing Performance on Encrypted Stock Market Data". The goal was to extract robust and meaningful representations for Numerai datasets to improve the GBDT baseline model.

I previously interned at Zujo, a Computer Vision start-up in India, and worked at RealAdvisor as a Data Scientist remotely.

I am available for contract and freelance work. Feel free to reach out to me on my email or social media handles.


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